Robin Osolinski's Design Portfolio
Artwork and website design for a podcast that discusses transformative companies and entrepreneurs.

I was given work by Dr. Indranil Ghosh, an advisor to global leaders and award-winning author.

His podcast Impact Unicorns covers inspiring people and businesses who specialise in transformative environmental work. Each week, Indranil has a guest invited to talk about a range of relevant topics, such as their journey and how their work can inspire positive change around the world.

For this project, I started by editing the opening sequence he had for the video version of his podcast, available on YouTube. He needed to have an updated visual representation of him in the intro and outro for each of his videos. The old and new versions of him, as well as all other work I've provided for him are featured on the left.

I used Illustrator for most of my work and After Effects to animate the episode opening. I then went on to create banners (using a photo and pre-drawn image of him) to promote his other work. I also used the 123reg website builder to make his homepage, where you can find all the details regarding Indranil's podcast.

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