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Responsive web design for a marketing agency that specialises in fashion and luxury brands.

I was able to secure extra web design work after completing the project for Brian's company His son, Paul, runs Wearefolk, a luxury fashion influencer marketing platform for various established, high-end brands and figures, such as Paco Rabanne and Kelly Hoppen.

For this project, I delved back into Squarespace and utilised some of the more in-depth HTML and CSS functionalities it offers. It was essential to capture the visual glamour and style that came from the featured companies. I was solely responsible for examining the provided brief and draft designs to make sure that the final results matched the sketches as closely as possible. By doing this, I was able to add images, videos and an arrow animation that resized according to the device size the website was viewed on.

Not only did I redesign the homepage for this site, but also the Services page and the all the individual partner pages that are represented by this agency. Click on each of the images on the left to be taken to their respective pages.

After this project in particular, I have found myself to be especially adept and flexible in providing creative responsive web design for clients. Managing and shaping pages through this method started to feel a much faster and more natural process.



Paco Rabanne

Pretty Green


Jo Malone

Kelly Hoppen



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